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Annual Training – What’s Changing?


From April 2016, DVSA will replace the currently suspended MOT tester refresher course with MOT Annual Training and an assessment.

DVSA will not deliver the new MOT annual training or assessments and testers will no longer need to attend a 5-year refresher course. Testers will have to complete the new MOT annual training and assessment in order to maintain their testing status.

The DVSA have made an informative clip to help you understand the changes:

The new process will follow a continuing professional development (CPD) model with testers required to complete training and pass an assessment every year for the vehicle classes they test. This will ensure testers stay up to date with a constantly changing industry.

For training and assessment purposes, we’ve split the vehicle classes into the following groups:

  • class 1 and 2 vehicles
  • class 3, 4, 5 and 7 vehicles

This means, in order to maintain their testing status for each vehicle class they test, all testers will have to:

  • complete a minimum of 16 hours annual MOT training over a rolling 5-year period
  • complete a minimum of 3 hours training every year
  • pass an annual assessment

How MOT Annual Training works

All testers must complete their annual MOT training and pass an annual assessment between the start of April and the following March each year.

To maintain their testing status for the vehicle classes they test, each tester will be responsible for:

All testers must complete the new MOT annual training and annual assessment before the end of March 2017 – no matter what their refresher training status is.

Here at The Test Centre Training we have created personalised Annual Training for existing testers. We can work with individual testers or work with employers to ensure that their whole team is developing and maintaining their own Annual MOT Training to the standard outlined by the DVSA.

For further information on a tailor made training programme to suit your needs contact us at: or 0208 692 5555

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