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Do You Know When Your MOT is Due?

Thank you to all those who attended the Bromley Pageant on Sunday 18th June at Norman Park. It was a great day and we enjoyed meeting you all. You can view pictures from the event here.

During the event we asked 200 people when their MOT was due. Below are the responses we received:

  • 62 people knew the exact date of when their MOT was due
  • 66 people knew the month of when their MOT was due
  • 72 people couldn’t remember when their MOT was due

If you are unsure when your MOT expires and would like reminders, we can help! Never miss another renewal date for your vehicle again with an app from our sister company, The Test Centre.

Enter in your vehicle details and you’ll receive reminders when your MOT, insurance and tax is due. See at a glance how long is left until these dates will expire. Store as many vehicles as you like!

Download the app here

Alternatively, you can check when your vehicle needs an MOT using this link.

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