Hybrid & Electric

Course Overview

This 2-day level 2 vocational qualification covers the skills and knowledge required to work safely around a vehicle’s high and low voltage electrical system and electric drive train system, whilst carrying out repairs or maintenance. Once completing this qualification, technicians will have gained knowledge of both low and high voltage technologies and an understanding of their dangers.

The course covers:

  • The hybrid/electric vehicle system components and operation, including the construction and function of battery cells, electronic motors and associated high energy electrical components
  • The hazards surrounding hybrid/electric vehicles
  • How to reduce the risks to yourself and others
  • How to safely prepare the vehicle when carrying out the routine maintenance on hybrid/electric vehicles.
  • How to work safely on a hybrid/electric vehicle


This course is designed for technicians who maintain and repair hybrid/electric vehicles, already possessing appropriate vehicle maintenance and repair knowledge and skills at level 2.

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