The MOT extension is over! Now it’s time to get your training done.

Remember, each year testers have to complete  a minimum 3 hours of training and pass an assessment, which is 30 multiple choice questions. This year, DVSA have extended the deadline to the 30 April 2021, but the pass mark is 80%! It’s been a year of change, so take the opportunity to talk with other testers, clarify areas of concern & complete the assessment away from any distractions & completely Covid safe!

We are offering a range of packages: assessment only, e-learning packages and our recommended; on-site training course. By completing your training on-site with us, it ensures all the relevant content is covered away from any distractions & ensures that you are fully prepared and confident before taking the assessment.

Already done your training for this year??? Why not book your course for next year? We are recommending to our customers to get their 2021/2022 annual training done in May before the busy MOT period starts again.

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