MOT Annual Training & Assessment

Course Overview

MOT Annual Training & Assessment is compulsory for all qualified MOT testers. Each tester must complete at least 3 hours of MOT training and pass an assessment between 1st April and 31st March. Failure to complete and submit results will lead to suspension.  Over the past few years, the pass mark has increased and the assessment more difficult.  For 2021/2022 it remains at 80%.  Just think, not that long ago in 2016, it was just 50%.  

Every year in April, DVSA releases the MOT topics that the assessment is based upon. Testers can then complete their 3 hours of training and complete the online assessment using the MOT guide and manuals.   

We always recommended testers to attend our on-site training course.  During the day, our experienced trainers will review all the necessary topics, in addition to any special notices that DVSA has released. It's also a great opportunity to clarify any questions you may have or clarify any concerns.  We will provide you with a training log and certificate after the completion of the assessment.

This year, we have designed a new course, taking into account testers' feedback over the past few years.  It's clear that many testers preferred the refresher course which the assessment replaced. Therefore we are offering a 1-day practical session with our MOT experts in our purpose-built training facility.  The day will include the 3 hours of mandatory training along with the assessment, but in addition, a practical review of the MOT routine.  This will not only provide testers with more confidence before they take the assessment, but also improve efficiencies & compliance during their everyday testing.

In conclusion, we always recommend our on-site training.  Firstly, you will be away from any distractions and secondary our experienced trainers are there to support you throughout the day.  Furthermore, you get to experience our purpose-built, state-of-the-art training facility. 

For more information on keeping compliant, please visit the DVSA –Annual Assessment.

Course Options:

  • 1-day upskill course: Includes 3 hours of your mandatory training & assessment, in addition to a practical review of the MOT routine with our MOT experts. 
  • 3 Hours in-house training with a certificate, online Assessment and Training Log.
  • Online annual training, certificate, annual assessment and training log.
  • Assessment only and Training Log

We are fully flexible and can arrange on-site training for your whole workforce, including sessions during weekends/evenings. To make an enquiry, contact us.

MOT Annual Training & Assessment