MOT Annual Training & Assessment

Course Overview

We’re taking you back to the future….sometimes the old way is the best way! This year, in addition to completing the mandatory annual assessment, we want to support testers more in their daily routine. We’re really excited to offer a 1-day refresher course, which will include your Annual Assessment.  For those of us that have been testing long enough, you will remember the old refresher course which was replaced by the annual training & assessment testers now have to complete.  A tester's routine is practical, therefore we believe training should be too!  During the 1-day refresher course, our expert trainers will go through this year’s topics & complete a practical session reviewing the MOT routine in our purpose-built, state-of-the-art training facility.  This will give you the best preparation to then take your exam. You will finish the day not only with your annual assessment but also feeling confident in the MOT routine. 

Remember, testers will be suspended if they have not completed their training and assessment by the 31st March 2023.  The assessment pass mark is 80% and you have 1 hour to complete the exam. If you also test bikes (class 1 & 2), you will have to complete an additional assessment. Please enquire with us and we can arrange this for you.  For further information relating to staying qualified as an MOT Tester, click here.

We are completely flexible; courses can be completed in the evenings or on weekends. We can plan for courses on an individual or group basis, on or offsite.  Spaces are filling fast, so don’t delay, book today!  Just give us a call to discuss your individual requirements.

If you cannot make one of our CPD days, we offer an online e-learning package that allows you to complete your training and exam in your own time, whenever and wherever you want.  Or alternatively, you can just purchase the exam from us.

We hope you continue your journey with The Test Centre Training. We’ll make sure you don’t get left behind!

To make an enquiry, contact us.

MOT Annual Training & Assessment