MOT Consultancy

Do you need tailored MOT consultancy to meet your garage needs?

We offer independent MOT consultancy to assist in getting your garage up and running and ensuring you remain compliant should a DVSA representative turn up at your garage

Need some guidance, speak to us, we can help!

What we offer

We have a range of MOT consultancy packages available to best suit your garage needs and budget.

We are also a leading recruitment centre for current and qualified MOT testers. So if you have recently opened up your garage or are struggling to find quality testers, we can help!

Looking to get your MOT garage to be rated green?

We have extensive experience and knowledge of the industry. Our sister company, The Test Centre  has always been rated green in the risk assessment for over 20 years. We know what works and can ensure that these same principles are applied to your garage to ensure you rank highly.

With thorough understanding of the DVSA procedures and regulations, we can assist in ensuring your garage remains at the top of its game.