Refrigerant Handling (air conditioning)

All Mobile Air Conditioning (MAC) technicians working with cars and car derived vans, must have achieved as a minimum requirement, a refrigerant handling qualification which fulfils the European Union F-gas Regulation (EC842/2006 and Annex to Regulation EC307/2008).

The Air Conditioning route is intended for technicians whose job role involves the maintenance and repair or accident repair of light vehicles and will have contact with the vehicle Air Conditioning system during their work activities. This qualification is necessary if your job entails handling or purchasing air-con gas canisters.

Course Overview

Candidates must demonstrate the learning outcomes by following and achieving two assessment components (practical & Online/paper test) which are set by IMI/ABC Awards.

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The technician must be able to work unsupervised – ideally, they should be in full-time employment with at least three months experience to ensure they are familiar with the skills, knowledge and techniques required to recover and recharge vehicle Air Conditioning systems without knowingly releasing refrigerant to the atmosphere. They should also be familiar with the knowledge of the legislation applied to the use of refrigerants (F-Gas) used in the automotive industry.

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