If you’re already an MOT tester, you know you must complete training and pass an assessment between April and March every year.

Your MOT tester status will be suspended if you do not pass the annual assessment by 31 March.

If you’re a new tester, you do not need to record annual training or complete the annual assessment in the year that you pass your demonstration test. After the first year, you will need to record annual training and complete the annual assessment between April and March of the following year.

What you need to do every year:

  • Do at least 3 hours of MOT tester training each year for each group you test.
  • Record your training on the MOT testing service.
  • Book and take your assessment.
  • Check your assessment provider has uploaded your assessment results.

If you pass the assessment, you’ll get a certificate. You’ll find this in the ‘Annual assessment certificates’ section of your MOT testing service profile.

If a pass result has not been uploaded by the end of the training year, your MOT tester status will be suspended!

So if you have found yourself suspended, what next?!

MOT testers who fail to meet the deadline lose their ability to conduct any MOT work until they complete a number of steps:

  • Complete 2024/2025 Annual Training & assessment
  • Complete a Basic DBS Check (new this year!)
  • Complete a DVSA Demonstration Test

We can arrange all of this for you, just don’t delay anymore and get in touch! We are here to help you get back on track!

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